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By clicking "I agree" below, you hereby acknowledge and agree that the products sold in the Early Access Store are (i) pre-release products that may contain bugs, defects or errors, (ii) are not intended for commercial use and (iii) subject at all time to the terms and conditions found here.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that you will not resell, lease, sell, or modify any of the products sold in the Early Access Store. If Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. determines in its sole discretion that you resold, leased, sold or modified any of the products sold in the Early Access Store, Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. may (i) immediately terminate, without notice to you, your access to the Early Access Store and (ii) seek monetary damages up to the total amount paid for products in the Early Access Store in the last 12 months, in addition to any injunctive or equitable relief or other remedy available at law.

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